Clear the clutter

I can’t find my keys. Where did I put my phone? What did I do with the scissors? Where are my new jeans? I just can’t seem to leave on time. Do these questions and statements run through your mind on a Dailey basis? Is Clutter taking over you space leaving frustration on your mind? Nancy Scott is a long time Professional Organizer specializing in creating Organizing systems in your home to streamline your lifestyle. Disorganization can cause major problems in your life both personal and business. If you experience disorganization at home, it will affect your work. The same goes if roles were reverse. Organization simply means creating a home for your belongings. If you know exactly where you scissors are for example but it takes you climbing over a few piles to get them, then good for you for knowing where the scissors are. Just because you know where one or a few items are… where is a home for everything else is?  Ask yourself a few questions like, When I go shopping do I put everything away when I get home? Do I put things back? Does stuff I buy make me feel good about myself? Do I have so much disposable income that I can buy what I want when I want? Piling up my stuff makes me feel safe? I like colors so I buy every color? I’m bored, leaving plenty of time to shop. I work hard to earn my income, therefore I have a right to purchase whatever I want? I have a difficult time getting rid of the old when I buy a new replacement. Does ANY of these sound famuliar? You see we find any excuse in order to get what we want.  Do you like what you see in the merror?

Ok I will stop baggering you, it’s about time I share good news and solutions for getting organized today.  First off anything is possible so believe creating solutions can occur. Before you begin you must schedule time for declutering. Schedule 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour, so on.. Next I always say begin right where your standing. Begin sorting: keep, donate, throw away, sell, give back to whom it belongs to, it belongs somewhere else in the house. NOW go to work. Stay at it for the time you allocated. Five minutes before time is up, wrap up your sorting and put your belongings where they belong in your home, throw the garbage you’ve collected in the garbage can, put donated items in your car and take it to donation next time you are out (make sure you allocate time to drop off donation), call your friends whom you have their belongings and arrange giving it back and whatever you are selling get it out there for sale. If you don’t know how to post items for sale you may consider consignment so you get a 50/50 split of the sale. The point is to resolve your catigories after each session. When you begin you will create a work station, keep it because you’ll need it. Continue doing the same process at your next scheduled organizing session. By the way hiring a Professional is always a good idea to expedite the process. If you are going at it alone, then repeat the process until you have gone though everything in the area. A note here, your space will get a little more out of sorts during this phase, that is normal.  TBC… stay tuned for part 2. In the meantime repeat the sorting process until ALL your belongings have been gone through.


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