Why not let your neighbors Watch your Home?

When it comes to your home, do you tend to take extra care of it? Do you keep the maintaince up or do you duck tape the problem and hope it will fix itself?  Your home is likely to be your largest investment you will make in a lifetime, so why would you let it sit without being watched when you go away or if you are a snow bird, let it sit unattended for months. Owning a home has a lot of responsibility behind it in order for it to run properly. What would happen if you were missing one thing like the air conditioner,  plumbing, electric,  roof, windows, doors, screens, or locks? You wouldn’t feel very safe would you? Matter of fact you would go out right away and remedy the problem because it would be too difficult to live there without one of these. Just think if you went away without a professional to watch over your home and these important areas? What do you think it will cost you to fix just one thing in the areas mentioned if your neighbor looked over your home? Would your neighbor know what to do or who to call if a pipe bursts or the air conditioner stopped working or a window was busted? Now your neighbor has to look over the task of fixing the problem and likely put some up front money up to make sure it is done. This takes extra time. What if your neighbor doesn’t have the time to over see a problem. They said they would watch your home but they didn’t say they would tend to a problem if one should arise. A problem that can lead to a whole day to fix to months. Does your neighbor have that kind of extra time? Are you going to pay them to follow through on the problem?  By allowing your neighbor to watch over your home you are asking them to know where the fuse box is and how to use it. Along with the other important home functions. They will need to watch for leaks under all the sinks, toilets, faucets and anywhere where water comes out just to name a few.

Now are you sure your neighbor wants to sign up to watch your home? Or are you sure you want them to? I don’t mean to scare you yet I hope I am. Stop allowing your neighbor to watch your home. That is a lot of pressure on you and them. Expectations are high and check ins are brief.

It just boggles my mind when I hear  “my friend will watch over my (300K) home”. Would you leave your baby with someone who doesn’t have experience with children? To hire a home watch will not only protect it from possible damage, it will protect it from possible thieves because they don’t know when you are going to be pulling in the driveway. That brings up a good point for home watch professionals. We don’t check in on the same day at the same time. If we did that, we would be opening up a great opportunity for a thief to come on in. Don’t be surprised if you find a homeless person hanging around either. They are looking for empty homes to get cozy in.  I asked a police officer patron about this time of the year and wondering if it is a slow time like it is in the restaurants. He replied NOWAY, they are busy getting the homeless out of empty homes. They want to stay cool and have a bed to sleep in. The smart ones will find a home. The smarter ones will hire a home watch to make sure they have their home to themselves when they return home.

I enjoy blogging because it allows me to vent what is on my mind. Please forgive my grammar mistakes. I hope you can see through that and read my blog to understand my main points. Happy Home Watch to my fans. I worship you.

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