Watch My Home

I get asked all the time, “What do you charge”? I follow up with, it depends on the service you are inquiring about.  Home Watch can include a multitude of services. When we walk into homes to check on its safety we enter with our eyes wide open and prepared to tackle anything that we may face. I often get asked to do other tasks like shopping, run errands, be there for repair man, clean, fix things and more…  When you hire a home watch service, it is important to feel an instant sense of trust. We see stuff others don’t, we enter in homes when no one is home and more. While your home is probably your largest investment, we as home watch professionals are trusted to take care of it. Why is it that a person opens a home watch business? What do you think? That is a great questions to ask the owner when you consider hiring them. Obviously a person must love homes and be familiar with them in order to have a home watch business.  Some are fixer uppers, some know how to run the maintained of a home, or had a past job that involved taking care of some facet of a home and decided to start a business. If you were to ask me why I started a home watch business? I will tell you that I have had the domestic gene in me my whole life. I have always taken care of homes, cleaning, organizing, tiding up, fixing things, decorating, entertaining, keeping up with household tasks and giving people the wow factor when then come in. I’ve always thrived on the reaction of a person when they walk in especially when they say WOW it looks great.

This is not about me, I couldn’t end my post without sharing my feelings with you. Happy home watch looking. My suggestion is to find someone you adore and keep them forever as long as you have a good communication going and continuous top notch service. Here is to happy home watch.


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