Party planning

happy new year,

just becasue it’s a new year it doesn’t mean the party is over. Let’s party to celebrate the new year.  There are tons of reasons to party on. Some ideas include: birthday at any age, celebrate your friendships, couple friendships, visiting Florida, kids, neighbors, church, work, life… there are many reasons to celebrate and party on!!! 

When you have a party a few things to keep in mind is What is the occasion? where are you going to have it? How many people? What is the menu? (consider allergies) Is there a theme? What is the attire? Consider time of the year. Are you indoor or outdoor? Kids or no kids? Parking? Party supplies? Beverages? There is so much to think about when hosting a party. It is a good thing though, becasue you are not only creating an exciting experience, you are creating a memory.

have fun during your planning and hire a helper to ease the heavy load. A helper can help plan, organize, shop, decorate, cook, bake, serve, bartend, clean up and work the party so you can be a guest NOT working it all.

in conclusion, make a New Years resolution to not put pressure on yourself to improve the outside. Improve the inside, include laughter and fun and be happy to be alive.

happy 2018.


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