Party planning

happy new year,

just becasue it’s a new year it doesn’t mean the party is over. Let’s party to celebrate the new year.  There are tons of reasons to party on. Some ideas include: birthday at any age, celebrate your friendships, couple friendships, visiting Florida, kids, neighbors, church, work, life… there are many reasons to celebrate and party on!!! 

When you have a party a few things to keep in mind is What is the occasion? where are you going to have it? How many people? What is the menu? (consider allergies) Is there a theme? What is the attire? Consider time of the year. Are you indoor or outdoor? Kids or no kids? Parking? Party supplies? Beverages? There is so much to think about when hosting a party. It is a good thing though, becasue you are not only creating an exciting experience, you are creating a memory.

have fun during your planning and hire a helper to ease the heavy load. A helper can help plan, organize, shop, decorate, cook, bake, serve, bartend, clean up and work the party so you can be a guest NOT working it all.

in conclusion, make a New Years resolution to not put pressure on yourself to improve the outside. Improve the inside, include laughter and fun and be happy to be alive.

happy 2018.


Watch My Home

I get asked all the time, “What do you charge”? I follow up with, it depends on the service you are inquiring about.  Home Watch can include a multitude of services. When we walk into homes to check on its safety we enter with our eyes wide open and prepared to tackle anything that we may face. I often get asked to do other tasks like shopping, run errands, be there for repair man, clean, fix things and more…  When you hire a home watch service, it is important to feel an instant sense of trust. We see stuff others don’t, we enter in homes when no one is home and more. While your home is probably your largest investment, we as home watch professionals are trusted to take care of it. Why is it that a person opens a home watch business? What do you think? That is a great questions to ask the owner when you consider hiring them. Obviously a person must love homes and be familiar with them in order to have a home watch business.  Some are fixer uppers, some know how to run the maintained of a home, or had a past job that involved taking care of some facet of a home and decided to start a business. If you were to ask me why I started a home watch business? I will tell you that I have had the domestic gene in me my whole life. I have always taken care of homes, cleaning, organizing, tiding up, fixing things, decorating, entertaining, keeping up with household tasks and giving people the wow factor when then come in. I’ve always thrived on the reaction of a person when they walk in especially when they say WOW it looks great.

This is not about me, I couldn’t end my post without sharing my feelings with you. Happy home watch looking. My suggestion is to find someone you adore and keep them forever as long as you have a good communication going and continuous top notch service. Here is to happy home watch.


Customer Service

When it comes to customer service. What is important to you? Does it matter much to you weather you receive good customer service? Would you go back to an establishment or service if you were treated unfairly? here are a few tips for you to know what to look out for when it comes to great customer service.

  1. The greeting you receive weather on the phone or through email. Was it genuine and nice? It is important to be nice at all times, even if you have an irate person on the other end. Always remember you didn’t make someone upset when they shoot off rude and accusatory remarks to you. You should remember to feel sorry for that person and try your best to help them and stay calm. Talk through a situation, ask questions to help them get to the bottom of the problem and reassure them you will do your best to help.
  2. Follow through. Great customer service has great follow through. Even if you hear “no”, isn’t it better than not hearing anything at all? Sometimes its not easy to hear “no” or say “no” , learn to say it and hearing it.
  3. If you can’t help, find someone who can. You may not be able to solve the problem but you may find someone who can.
  4. Smile when you speak. It just makes you happier.
  5. Stand when you speak, it gets the blood rushing and makes you think better.
  6. Follow up. Always follow up even if you must be the bear of bad news.

No matter what, stay true to yourself and standards you live by.  Effective communication is ever so important, however these days it can be ever so difficult. Stay strong and don’t take comments personal, think before you speak and choose your words wisely.

Happy Customer Services!


Why not let your neighbors Watch your Home?

When it comes to your home, do you tend to take extra care of it? Do you keep the maintaince up or do you duck tape the problem and hope it will fix itself?  Your home is likely to be your largest investment you will make in a lifetime, so why would you let it sit without being watched when you go away or if you are a snow bird, let it sit unattended for months. Owning a home has a lot of responsibility behind it in order for it to run properly. What would happen if you were missing one thing like the air conditioner,  plumbing, electric,  roof, windows, doors, screens, or locks? You wouldn’t feel very safe would you? Matter of fact you would go out right away and remedy the problem because it would be too difficult to live there without one of these. Just think if you went away without a professional to watch over your home and these important areas? What do you think it will cost you to fix just one thing in the areas mentioned if your neighbor looked over your home? Would your neighbor know what to do or who to call if a pipe bursts or the air conditioner stopped working or a window was busted? Now your neighbor has to look over the task of fixing the problem and likely put some up front money up to make sure it is done. This takes extra time. What if your neighbor doesn’t have the time to over see a problem. They said they would watch your home but they didn’t say they would tend to a problem if one should arise. A problem that can lead to a whole day to fix to months. Does your neighbor have that kind of extra time? Are you going to pay them to follow through on the problem?  By allowing your neighbor to watch over your home you are asking them to know where the fuse box is and how to use it. Along with the other important home functions. They will need to watch for leaks under all the sinks, toilets, faucets and anywhere where water comes out just to name a few.

Now are you sure your neighbor wants to sign up to watch your home? Or are you sure you want them to? I don’t mean to scare you yet I hope I am. Stop allowing your neighbor to watch your home. That is a lot of pressure on you and them. Expectations are high and check ins are brief.

It just boggles my mind when I hear  “my friend will watch over my (300K) home”. Would you leave your baby with someone who doesn’t have experience with children? To hire a home watch will not only protect it from possible damage, it will protect it from possible thieves because they don’t know when you are going to be pulling in the driveway. That brings up a good point for home watch professionals. We don’t check in on the same day at the same time. If we did that, we would be opening up a great opportunity for a thief to come on in. Don’t be surprised if you find a homeless person hanging around either. They are looking for empty homes to get cozy in.  I asked a police officer patron about this time of the year and wondering if it is a slow time like it is in the restaurants. He replied NOWAY, they are busy getting the homeless out of empty homes. They want to stay cool and have a bed to sleep in. The smart ones will find a home. The smarter ones will hire a home watch to make sure they have their home to themselves when they return home.

I enjoy blogging because it allows me to vent what is on my mind. Please forgive my grammar mistakes. I hope you can see through that and read my blog to understand my main points. Happy Home Watch to my fans. I worship you.

Clear the clutter

I can’t find my keys. Where did I put my phone? What did I do with the scissors? Where are my new jeans? I just can’t seem to leave on time. Do these questions and statements run through your mind on a Dailey basis? Is Clutter taking over you space leaving frustration on your mind? Nancy Scott is a long time Professional Organizer specializing in creating Organizing systems in your home to streamline your lifestyle. Disorganization can cause major problems in your life both personal and business. If you experience disorganization at home, it will affect your work. The same goes if roles were reverse. Organization simply means creating a home for your belongings. If you know exactly where you scissors are for example but it takes you climbing over a few piles to get them, then good for you for knowing where the scissors are. Just because you know where one or a few items are… where is a home for everything else is?  Ask yourself a few questions like, When I go shopping do I put everything away when I get home? Do I put things back? Does stuff I buy make me feel good about myself? Do I have so much disposable income that I can buy what I want when I want? Piling up my stuff makes me feel safe? I like colors so I buy every color? I’m bored, leaving plenty of time to shop. I work hard to earn my income, therefore I have a right to purchase whatever I want? I have a difficult time getting rid of the old when I buy a new replacement. Does ANY of these sound famuliar? You see we find any excuse in order to get what we want.  Do you like what you see in the merror?

Ok I will stop baggering you, it’s about time I share good news and solutions for getting organized today.  First off anything is possible so believe creating solutions can occur. Before you begin you must schedule time for declutering. Schedule 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour, so on.. Next I always say begin right where your standing. Begin sorting: keep, donate, throw away, sell, give back to whom it belongs to, it belongs somewhere else in the house. NOW go to work. Stay at it for the time you allocated. Five minutes before time is up, wrap up your sorting and put your belongings where they belong in your home, throw the garbage you’ve collected in the garbage can, put donated items in your car and take it to donation next time you are out (make sure you allocate time to drop off donation), call your friends whom you have their belongings and arrange giving it back and whatever you are selling get it out there for sale. If you don’t know how to post items for sale you may consider consignment so you get a 50/50 split of the sale. The point is to resolve your catigories after each session. When you begin you will create a work station, keep it because you’ll need it. Continue doing the same process at your next scheduled organizing session. By the way hiring a Professional is always a good idea to expedite the process. If you are going at it alone, then repeat the process until you have gone though everything in the area. A note here, your space will get a little more out of sorts during this phase, that is normal.  TBC… stay tuned for part 2. In the meantime repeat the sorting process until ALL your belongings have been gone through.



When it comes to catering, there are many details to keep in mind. Whether you are planning a party for a Birthday or planning a celebration gathering for a bereavement of a loved one, the components are the same. At Nancy’s Concierge Service we specialize in Home Services that includes Party Planning and assistance.  It is important you have a strong interaction with the Planner, able to get along and allow the Planner to be creative for you. We want to get in your head to know exactly what you want. When we can create and plan the execution can be very worth wild.

Time is also an important component in Planning a Party and catering. You want to pick a menu that is going to do well in the environment you are in and stand up with the amount of people in attendance. So picking a menu is vital in accordance to the celebration. Are you going to serve wine or other sorts of libations? This is another area where a bartender maybe needed. To set up a bar is tedious because you don’t want to miss a thing behind the counter.

A few days before the event you want to prepare as much as you can because on the day of the event, you will be busy with a heafty to do list with each minute so vitally important. On the day of the event it is important to get an early start to the day. Make sure your people, vendors, decorations, set up and all the extras have a clear understanding of their role they will play.

Party Planning is so much fun. It is a real thrill to work with our clients and see all the efforts of our work come to life. Nancy’s Concierge Services is excited to work with you, answer any questions, assist on a small level to the sky is the limit. The most important thing to us is making sure we execute an event that our clients envision in their head and see it come to life.

Call Nancy’s Concierge Services to inquire about a party for you.


House Watch

How Important is your Home to you when there is no one home?

It is a beautiful day in Sarasota Florida. I would like to share with you how business here at Nancy’s Concierge Services is going. We are busy getting ready to Service our clients for Home Watch as the Snowbirds get ready to flock to the north. It is beautiful this time of year in Sarasota and Venice Florida it’s going to be difficult to leave. I know the city’s in the north are beautiful as well with the blooming flowers, buds on all the trees, the sun beginning to warm up the ground and the nice walks in the dusk of the day.

If you have a home in Florida and live here half the time, it’s important to have someone look after your property in case of an emergency. One of my clients had a horrible insident happen before they  were my clients. In 2010 before Christmas their freezer gave out on them and all the meat for the Christmas dinner spoiled and smelled up the whole house. When they arrived home, not only did they have to throw away all the spoiled food, they had to deal with the smell, buy a new Christmas dinner, new refrigerator, a bunch of ice and coolers to keep the freezer food cold until their new refrigerator/ freezer was delivered AFTER CHRISTMAS.

If they had someone checking on their home non of this would have happened. It is important to have a Professional, Trustworthy Home Watch team to watch over your property.

There are plenty of Home Watch Services to choose from in Venice Florida. Make sure who you hire is insured, licensed and bonded. Good Luck and be safe my friends.

At Nancy’s Concierge Services we provide Service with the Golden Touch.